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About Us

Rent Peek is democratizing the rental landscape by providing transparency on rent prices. We're fed up with trying to guess how much we'll actually pay for that apartment we found on that listing site.

That's why we are putting the power back in the hands of renters like you. When you share your rent data, you are helping increase the transparency of the NYC rental market.

Crazy easy. Crazy impactful.

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Find out what gets renters so excited about using RentPeek. 

It was crazy easy to use which is great because I don’t want to spend a ton of time finding this info. Negotiating my rent with actual data was a game changer.

Maggie R.

Honestly, I was always just curious what other people were paying. It’s great that people are starting to feel more comfortable discussing finances.

Vic A.

If we can all help each other learn what the going rate is for an apartment, then I think sharing rent info is a great idea...especially if it's anonymous.

Rian F.

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